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Why Refer?

“Around 6% of children starting school have a Speech and Language difficulty.  That’s an average of two in every class room.

Are you worried about the way your child communicates?

For example, does he or she have:

  • Difficulty interacting with adults and/or other children?
  • Poor listening / attention skills or difficulty taking turns? (these are fundamental skills for language development)
  • Difficulty understanding what is being said, or
  • Problems following instructions?
  • Is he or she struggling to use words to communicate or to build sentences to express themselves?
  • Do they seem to have problems remembering words and names?
  • Is their speech unclear
  • Are there certain sounds they can’t pronounce?
  • Some children have difficulty getting words out or have a tendency to stammer.
  • Or maybe they are struggling to learn phonics or are having difficulty with early literacy skills?


Please feel free to ring and talk with me.  There may be no cause for concern but you will feel better having spoken with someone within the profession.


I strongly recommend early referral; as soon as any concern is raised. Because it:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Establishes good communication habits within the family
  • Maximises the success of therapy